NGO Progress Center – non-formal learning and development center.

Our mission

The mission of our center is to teach and develop young people and adults using non-formal education methods that are applicable in almost all areas involving personal interaction and the educational process: pedagogy, education, business, family, etc.

To achieve targets of the organization carries out the following activities:

• organization of trainings, seminars, conferences, events, master classes, etc;

• provision of consulting and information services;

• involving young people with fewer opportunities (social, cultural, economic, geographic);

• creation and development of international communications, networks and contacts;

• organization of intercultural projects for young people and adults belonging to different cultural, ethnic and religious groups to promote intercultural and non-formal education.

• creative and publication of educational publications;

• project development, management and provision of related services and advice;

• camps for kids, orphans and adults (#prolaager).


non-formal education, organization of trainings, corporate and school teambuilding, project activities, intercultural dialogue, intercultural education, development of personal and professional competences, civic activity of young people, development of media literacy and critical thinking.

Target group:

youth and adults, educational institutions and the business companies.